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The KNX Association has launched a competition to demonstrate how powerful KNX technology can be when it comes to the energy savings and the reduced carbon footprint of smart homes and buildings. The hackathon is open to anyone from all over the world who is able to demonstrate how to save energy using KNX. Any individual or team can participate, including students, hobbyists, professionals, scientific partners, manufacturers, and more. KNX will bring all participants together for both physical and virtual events to deploy the solutions to the challenges set by KNX experts. There are different challenges available, from which participants can choose one or more.

There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to submit a project.

You can upload multiple projects to the Hackathon platform as long as they tackle different challenges. Duplicated entries will not be shown.

For a successful nomination, here are some considerations teams can consider:


The criteria for selecting winners will be based on measuring how KNX solutions or projects help reduce the use of energy as well as their CO² carbon footprint.


The participating projects should be focussed on solutions for smart homes and buildings that demonstrate energy savings and a reduction of CO² emissions using KNX technology.


Further value will be attributed to projects which also use the latest innovations of KNX IoT technology as well as KNX Secure devices.


For the winner, the KNX Hackathon Competition will be a magnificent marketing tool. KNX Association and its national groups may display the winning projects and teams across their different media outlets.

By uploading this information, you confirm that:


You have the explicit or implicit permission to publish the required information on the Hackathon platform.


All information provided in your project application is true as stated.


All images, documents, project files, or videos you upload are part of the actual project and that you are not infringing any copyright by uploading them here. All images you upload here can be used by KNX Association on this platform, on the KNX website, on social media, or across any other digital or printed format without your consent or without prior notification to you.


Only you as the project uploader, and not KNX Association, will be held responsible for any complaints or legal actions taken due to uploading information that is either untrue, used without consent, or infringing copyright.


KNX Association will review each project before publishing it online and has the right to decline any project without liability to you or informing you about the reasons.


KNX Association has the right to use any of the uploaded information and images for promotional purposes, either with or without mentioning the source.


One winner will be selected for each of these challenges:


Challenge 1 – The best product that saves the most energy: find the best configuration for a specific KNX device selected from the universe of smart products to achieve the best energy savings.


Challenge 2 – Create the best solution that combines various KNX smart products (such as sensors, actuators, interfaces, monitors, and screens) to reduce the use of energy of different devices.


Challenge 3 – Develop a KNX energy management application that integrates one or more renewable energy sources into a smart home project in the most efficient way.


Challenge 4 – The excess of energy generation: build KNX solutions that can deal with excess energy generation by enabling the proper use of this surplus energy in smart homes and buildings.


Challenge 5 – Set your own challenge to create KNX solutions for saving energy or measuring carbon footprint reduction.


KNX Association reserves the right not to select a winner for one or more of the challenges should no eligible project be submitted.

The winning projects will be awarded €1,000 per category. The winners for each category will also receive the revered KNX trophy.


Every valid submission will be promoted across different communication channels, and it will be assessed by a specially appointed jury of industry experts that will choose the finalists and winners of the KNX Hackathon 2023. The jury will base its decisions on how and to what extent the submitted KNX solutions or KNX projects contribute to the reduction of the energy consumption and carbon footprint of smart homes and buildings.

The winners will be chosen by a professionally qualified jury, based on the submitted project information, photographic material, videos and documentation. The jury consists of impartial experts of the world of KNX and the KNX Association. The jury will make its decision by simple majority and cannot be challenged by the participants. An individual explanation cannot be given in case one doesn’t receive the award. The jury will come together in July 2023. After the decision of the jury, the nominees of each category will be notified by email.

Applications can be made at any time via the Hackathon platform at https://hackathon.knx.org


Only projects that are submitted via the KNX Hackathon platform will be considered.


Only projects uploaded before the end of the day of July 31st 2023 will be considered for the open edition.


Projects uploaded after this deadline are not guaranteed to be considered for this edition.

The jury will evaluate all KNX Award projects in July and August of 2023.


The nominees as well as those not nominated for each category will be notified of such by email.


The KNX Hackathon winning projects will be presented at a physical and online event on the 26th or 27th of September 2023.

The following terms are extra terms specifically for the KNX Hackathon application, next to the above-mentioned terms and conditions for uploading projects on the Hackathon platform.


Submissions may be made in English, French, German, Spanish, or Dutch.


The information concerning the participating projects will be taken from the project description. KNX Association isn’t responsible for incorrect or false data.


Entering any false information in your project application may lead to immediate disqualification. KNX Association has the right to request extra information or proof and can reverse your nomination at any time if this information cannot be provided.


Any manipulation of the voting via automatic processes, bots, use of fake email addresses, etc. will result in removal of your project/product from the voting process. KNX Association has the right to withdraw your entry without prior notification or proof.


Legal processes may not be undertaken against the pre-selection nor against the decision of the jury.


Members of the KNX Association and their employees or KNX National Groups may not participate in the competition.


The submitted projects may not violate patents of others. KNX Association cannot be held responsible for this.


The participants will declare themselves to be in agreement that the entered projects can be used for press publications by KNX Association International and the KNX National Groups.

This platform is for Hackathon projects only, other projects where KNX was not used will not be accepted.


The Hackathon platform is made for promotion with focus on the realized project. This means that projects with commercial messages about the company, promotions or use of business cards or company logos instead of project images will not be accepted.


You may not post violent, nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic, or sexually suggestive language, documents, images, or videos via the platform.

The personal data entered by will not be used by KNX Association for commercial purposes or forwarded to 3rd parties. You have the opportunity to add your contact details to your project to be shown online so potential customers can contact you. This is completely optional.


Mandatory personal information like a first name, surname, and email address will only be used internally to contact you about your project or about the Hackathon competition.


For more information on how personal information is handled by KNX Association, consult our privacy statement here.

Join the KNX Hackathon 2023 and enjoy the opportunity to work alongside KNX and creative teams from over the world. Let’s make better solutions for a better future for all and our planet. We will be happy to hear from you. Please fill out the form if you are interested in applying to be a KNX Hackathon participant.

If you have any further questions relating to the Hackathon or your submission, get in touch via email at this link.  We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


Make inventive solutions to real-world wicked problems using the KNX Technology. The first KNX Hackathon is a collaborative international space which aims to become the largest annual global hackathon using the KNX technology to create solutions for smart homes that improve people’s lives and impact the planet in a positive way, making societies more sustainable.