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Energy efficiency through innovative BA concept implemented with EisBaer Software


The goal of LOCAL+ was to develop a building that produces excess energy through innovative and forward-looking systems: a so-called plus-energy house. The generation of energy from renewable energies should ensure that LOCAL+ is innovative, sustainable and future-oriented and comes closer to the vision of an almost self-sufficient building. In interaction with other components, the central hydrogen system, as the main component of the energy supply, promises a degree of self-sufficiency of up to 65%. In terms of building technology, not only the individual building was considered during the design phase, but an innovative and sustainable energy concept was developed for the quarter, taking into account the building stock. Another component of the BA concept is an underground ice store, photovoltaic thermal collectors (PVT) and a heat pump with an intelligent control strategy. In practical implementation, the hydrogen system was dispensed with due to the short assembly and service life. In addition, the ice storage facility was reduced in size, since underground construction would have been neither sensible nor feasible. Apart from these situation-related limitations, the system could be implemented in line with the planning. The energy concept of the new building was implemented with KNX components and EisBaer software suite.

Team name
René Rieck
Team leader
Christian Stüllein
Team member