The best solution that combines products to reduce the use of energy of different devices

European commission


*Upgrade of an old building from the European commission with the challenge to save energies*
First challenge was easy, lighting. We installed absence sensors in each office to regulate lights. The user on the other hand can select the intensity with a maximum of 500 lux.
Second challenge is the heating system. For that we followed European rules and blocked the temperature room to 21°C. Moreover thermostat controls the valve on the heating according to the windowopening or closing as well as the presence of someone in the room.
But to go further into saving energy, we had another challenge, cooling! For that part we decided to remove completely the cooling system and only use ventilation. To avoid overheating in summer, we first gradually blackout the sunny windows which minimize heating coming in the room. We also ventilate over night the building to obtain a comfortable temperature in the day.
Finally CO2 sensors have been placed to ensure a healthy air through the hole day. These will activate more or less the ventilation in the day if necessary.
This building from the European commission has been a beta building to test economy savings and efficiency in order to apply these solutions to all their buildings.

Team name
christian delhaise
Team leader
Kolodziej Frédéric
Team member